Man With A Plan: How A Vision Can Save A Struggling Fraternity

If you feel that your fraternity is falling apart, all is not lost. There are ways that you can improve the quality of your fraternity to make sure that it better fits the vision that you have for it. It simply requires that you find solutions that will allow you to achieve your vision. Come Up With A Vision One of the biggest problems with failing fraternities is that the members have a general sense that something is not working, but they do not know what. Read More 

Fire Safety Tips And Procedures That Will Assist With Keeping Your Employees Safe

If organic and inorganic chemicals are used daily to manufacture goods at the candle factory that you own, teaching your employees about fire safety and procedures that should be followed in case of an emergency will assist with saving lives and reducing the risk of injuries. Consider implementing the following ideas when instructing your staff members and preparing them for an unforeseen disaster Request That A Firefighter Speaks During A Meeting Read More 

Got Perishables? Your Building Needs An Automatic Transfer Switch

If you own a building that houses grocery stores, restaurants, ice cream parlors, or other businesses that keep perishable foods on hand, you know a power outage can be devastating. Many businesses have installed private generators to keep things running while the power outage continues elsewhere, but this is not as simple as you think. It is overall simple, but there's a crucial decision you have to make: whether to have an automatic transfer of power or a manual transfer of power. Read More 

How To Reduce Packing Peanut Static Issues In Your Business

If you have recently started to ship more products out of your business warehouse, then you may need to start thinking about some solutions to your shipping concerns. For example, you may desire to streamline the process to make shipping easier. If your products vary in size, shape, and weight, then it may be hard to decide on a single type of packing material that will work well for all your shipping needs. Read More 

How You Can Repair Your Total Gym Equipment Yourself

When using your Total Gym, you might notice that it is starting to not slide as smoothly as it did in the past. Not only might this make the Total Gym more difficult to use, but you may notice plastic flakes appearing on the ground nearby. You may consider replacing the Total Gym, but this isn't necessary. You can buy replacement wheels and save money by fixing it yourself and fix several other common problems. Read More