Fire Safety Tips And Procedures That Will Assist With Keeping Your Employees Safe

If organic and inorganic chemicals are used daily to manufacture goods at the candle factory that you own, teaching your employees about fire safety and procedures that should be followed in case of an emergency will assist with saving lives and reducing the risk of injuries. Consider implementing the following ideas when instructing your staff members and preparing them for an unforeseen disaster

Request That A Firefighter Speaks During A Meeting

Contact your city's fire marshal or fire department and make arrangements to have a trained professional speak during a business meeting. When you hire a guest speaker, they can provide information about the importance of remaining calm and acting promptly if a fire occurs, phone numbers to call to seek assistance, and ways to reduce the risk of encountering a fire, such as ensuring that chemicals are used in a ventilated area and that combustible items are stored and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Your employees can ask the speaker questions about fire safety after the presentation, further empowering and reassuring them in case of an emergency.

Set Safety Standards And Practice Fire Drills

Type or write a list of safety standards that you would like your employees to follow and post it inside of your business. The standards could address clothing that is required during work hours and cleaning steps that should be completed at the end of each work shift. During the day, walk through your business to ensure that the list of guidelines is being followed.

Hang a map of an exit route that your staff members should use in case an emergency were to occur. Hold random fire drills and monitor your employees to determine if they are leaving the building in a prompt and orderly fashion 

Sign Your Employees Up For Training Classes

Call the chamber of commerce or community center that is located near  your business and inquire about fire safety training classes that are offered. After signing up for classes, an instructor will meet with you and your employees to discuss and teach fire safety and life-saving techniques.

An instructor may offer hands-on training, which involves acting out scenarios that involve a fire and reacting to each one in a timely and safe manner. A class will help each person remain confident if they are faced with a life-threatening situation and increase the odds that they will escape danger and avoid being harmed.