Man With A Plan: How A Vision Can Save A Struggling Fraternity

If you feel that your fraternity is falling apart, all is not lost. There are ways that you can improve the quality of your fraternity to make sure that it better fits the vision that you have for it. It simply requires that you find solutions that will allow you to achieve your vision.

Come Up With A Vision

One of the biggest problems with failing fraternities is that the members have a general sense that something is not working, but they do not know what. You will want to have a private conversation with the leaders of the fraternity to understand why the executive committee are making the decisions that they are. Talking to the leaders before complaining publicly will show respect for your brothers. You may discover that you agree with the leaders over the vision, but there are obstacles to realizing this vision. Then, you can ask them if there are ways that you can help them overcome these obstacles.

Recruit More Members

Another great way to improve the fraternity is to recruit more members. New members to your order will contribute fresh ideas and can help reinvigorate the fraternity. The men who join will be enthusiastic to be a part of the organization and you will have an opportunity to share your vision with them. The thoughts that individual members become their deeds and actions.

Think Outside The Box

When a chapter is struggling, it often needs to think outside the box. For example, there often needs to be a story that draws positive attention to the chapter. Therefore, you should talk to your brothers about something different that you could do that will draw interest and that will improve the order while giving back to the community.

Find Ways To Show Pride

One way to improve a fraternity is to find more ways to show pride in your fraternity. You can accomplish this by using various tokens designed to show pride, such as flags. A custom fraternity flag will be unique and will show that you are going above and beyond to show pride in your fraternity. Make sure to also wear your letters while being a model citizen. While being a great student and volunteering, the fact that you show pride in your fraternity will cause others to associate your actions with your brotherhood and more of your brothers will be inspired to work to improve the fraternity.

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