Why Pre-Planning Funerals Makes Life Easier

Many people aren't prepared for the death of a loved one, even when they knew that death was imminent. Whether you just don't want to leave this task to others, it is the case of someone suffering a terminal illness, or simply a matter of advanced age with declining health, planning the funeral before the funeral is actually needed will save you a lot of extra stress, grief, and potentially money. It's not a job anyone wants to do, but it is a necessary part of life sometimes. Here are three reasons you should pre-plan your or your loved one's funeral.

You Want To Control The Expense

It may seem odd to think about money and the notion of comparison shopping funeral homes, but why not? Most people comparison shop before making major purchases. Funeral home directors are required to give you a price list by law. Use the internet to do your initial search and narrow down funeral homes near you. Once you have your options sorted, call and ask to schedule a pre-planning appointment. Funeral home directors are more than happy to meet with you, provide the price list, and go over every decision that needs to be made. You can also just call and request the information be mailed to you if you're unable to visit each parlor in person. Do this with each funeral home you are considering, and then you can sit down with the brochures and price lists and figure out which options you want where. Be sure to compare funeral packages versus lime item expenses. You may not need or want everything that a package includes, but sometimes a package deal is less expensive that breaking things out separately. Contact a local funeral home, like Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd or a similar location for more information.

You Want The Funeral To Reflect Your Or Your Loved One's Wishes

Whether you are pre-planning your own funeral or have been appointed to handle the planning on behalf of someone else, the end result is the funeral will go just the way it is supposed to. From the eulogy to the music played, to the flowers and decorations, you will have peace of mind knowing the desired final wishes will be carried out.

It's A Way To Cope

The bereavement process is just that, a process. Attending to things like the funeral planning isn't easy or fun, but it is cathartic and gets you one step closer to the acceptance stage.