Forklift Rental Questions

If you don't use forklifts often in your business but need to secure one in order to move inventory or perform another function, renting one is wise. Renting one only when you need one allows you to hang on to money you would have spent on a purchase and relieves you of the responsibility that such equipment requires. However, for the renting process to be satisfactory, you'll need to ask these rental questions. Read More 

Renting An Outdoor Self Storage Unit In The Snow: 3 Tips To Make Moving Belongings Into The Unit A Much Smoother Process

Americans are consumers. As a result, they tend to purchase more and more items each year, although they might not have any space at home to store these things. To prevent your home from getting cluttered, follow the advice of the 9.5% of American households that rent a self storage unit, and rent one yourself. If you're looking to rent an outdoor self-storage unit during winter months, you need to be careful of the snow. Read More 

Three Mistakes That Lead To Higher Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is one of the major costs of owning a car, so it makes sense to do what you can to lower this expense. The most common way to do this is by shopping around for the best price before renewing your policy each term. There are also some key mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you find the best right. #1: Not asking about applicable discounts Most people can qualify for at least one insurance discount if they take the time to ask. Read More 

Helping Children Deal With The Grief

Death is something that is challenging to accept and work through. This statement is true for adults, but often magnified for children. Whether you're a parent, other family member or caregiver, finding ways to assist a grieving child can minimize your feelings of concern and help everyone work through this difficult time together. Be Honest, But Age Appropriate Make sure you are being honest with the child, while also keeping their maturity level in mind. Read More 

Man With A Plan: How A Vision Can Save A Struggling Fraternity

If you feel that your fraternity is falling apart, all is not lost. There are ways that you can improve the quality of your fraternity to make sure that it better fits the vision that you have for it. It simply requires that you find solutions that will allow you to achieve your vision. Come Up With A Vision One of the biggest problems with failing fraternities is that the members have a general sense that something is not working, but they do not know what. Read More