Why Put Mixed Recycling Containers In Your Office Building?

If you want to boost your company's recycling efforts, then you can put bins or containers inside and outside your building. People who work in your building or who visit it can use these units to dispose of their recyclable waste.

While you can buy different containers for different types of waste here, you can also use mixed-waste containers. These products take all types of recyclable waste in one bin. What are the benefits of using a one-container-fits-all approach?

Make Recycling Easier

If you want to encourage people to recycle, then you have to make things easy for them. While most people are now keen to recycle their waste, some won't do this if they have to put too much effort into the process.

For example, if you use multiple recycling containers for different kinds of waste around your building, then people might not have the time or inclination to find the right container at the right time. They might trash some of their waste rather than recycle it.

If you use mixed containers, then you keep things simple. People can put any accepted recyclables in these units. So, for example, a container could take paper, glass, plastic, and metal waste. You make it easier for people to recycle.

Reduce Container Space Requirements

Every recycling container you put in your building takes up space. If you put multiple containers on each floor and at public recycling points, then you lose potentially valuable space that you could use for business purposes.

If you use mixed-recycling containers, then you only need one unit in every location. This container might be larger than an individual unit; however, it will be smaller than a full set of individual bins. So, you won't lose or waste as much space.

Reduce Container Purchasing Costs

If you buy individual containers for separate recycling materials, then your costs increase. If you'll buy a set of containers for every floor in your building and some larger outdoor bins, then your purchasing costs could be higher than you anticipated.

You can keep your costs low by investing in mixed-waste containers. You only have to buy one container for every recycling point in your company. Your costs will reduce if you can buy fewer units. You get the recycling collection storage you need at a more cost-effective price.

To find out more, contact commercial recycling container suppliers and ask about their mixed bin products.