Use A Local Moving Service To Be Better Prepared For Your Big Day

If you will soon be moving to a new apartment or house, you have a long list of tasks you'll need to take care of in order to ensure you are prepared for moving day. One of the first and most important tasks you should take care of will be to hire a professional mover to help you get your stuff from one residence to the next. While you certainly have choices out there when it comes to selecting a moving company, one key criterion you should look for is a company that is local to you or the community you are moving to. A local-based company may be able to provide some advantages both on and before your moving day when compared to a more corporate or national chain that does not have a local connection.

Choosing a Local Company May Allow for a Cost Estimate in Advance of the Moving Day

You can get a quote online from most moving companies by telling them how many rooms' worth of stuff they'll be moving. But you still might end up with a surprise on your final bill if you have a situation in any of those rooms that is different from what the movers were expecting.

When you hire local movers, it's more likely they will be able to send a representative to your house or apartment in advance of the moving day to see exactly what you have. If you have especially bulky, expensive, or otherwise hard-to-move furniture or a room that will cost more to move than usual due to additional furniture and other fixtures, they can let you know this upfront before moving day arrives. This way, there will be no surprises when it comes time to pay your bill.

Local Movers Know the Fastest Route And Also Which Roads to Avoid

A local mover can of course just punch in your new address into the GPS to get the fastest route if that's what works best for you. But a local mover may also know if any of the roads on the route are especially bumpy, windy, or otherwise likely to cause problems when hauling a large trailer behind them. A local moving crew will be able to figure out a route that will get your stuff to its destination while minimizing the risk for damage while in transit.

Local Movers May Offer Local Storage If Needed

Finally, consider that a local moving company may offer the option to temporarily store some of your items if you are not yet ready to move everything into the new place but must get it out of the old place. You can take them up on their storage offer while having peace of mind that your stuff is still nearby if needed.