Planning a Large Event? Your Personal Assistant Can Help

One of the nice things about hiring a personal assistant is that in addition to helping you with daily tasks, they can also play an important role when you're preparing for a large event. Preparing for events of this magnitude will take up some of your time, but when your assistant can take on several of the tasks before the event, you'll have time to focus your attention wherever you need it. Here are some ways that a personal assistant can lend a hand when you're planning a large event.

Find the Venue

While some events take place at companies' offices, it's also common for these events to occur at local event venues. Choosing an event venue can often be a good idea, given the space and amenities that these locations provide. It can be time-consuming to find the right venue — and if you have several other critical tasks, you may struggle to devote enough time to this step. Your personal assistant can develop a list of local venues that meet your criteria and even visit each of them to get a sense of how well suited they'll be. The assistant can then select a couple of venues that are good choices, which you can then visit to make your decision.

Invite Attendees

There are many different ways that companies invite people to their events. However you want to proceed, this is a job that your assistant can perform for you. This could involve drafting an email that you read and approve before your assistant distributing it to the list of invitees. For formal events, you might even have your assistant work with a local printing company to produce invitations that your company can send out by mail. As people confirm their attendance, your assistant can develop a guest list and even follow up with those who haven't yet responded.

Prepare Materials

Your personal assistant can also spend time preparing materials for the event. Many tasks fall within this topic. For example, your assistant can print packages of documents — or delegate this work — that each of the attendees will receive upon arriving at the venue. If you're giving out marketing materials such as branded pens, coffee mugs, and other such things, your assistant can order them in advance of the event and ensure that they're ready in time. By taking care of each of these tasks with some guidance from you, your assistant will allow you to focus on other jobs.