Tips For Buying And Sending Handcrafted Greeting Cards

Creating a wonderful impression with people that you're networking with will help you more than you know. Using handcrafted greeting cards will send a message, whether you're just saying hello or trying to convert some sales. Consider the points in this article so that you're able to buy or craft some greeting cards that can pay huge dividends for you.

Go with handcrafted whenever possible

You can't go wrong with handcrafted cards when you're trying to make an impression. This shows some effort and ingenuity, and that you put lots of time and thought to it. These products also score points for being green-friendly and often one-of-a-kind. Your recipient will feel special and will appreciate that you took the time to create or purchase a card that serves as a work of art, rather than a card you bought off the shelf. 

Take the time to assess the weight, surface, size, and material of your greeting cards. Choose quality products to also create an impression when the person holds it in their hands. It would surprise you to learn how much people appreciate things like the texture and smell of a card. The kind words you write inside of it will be the icing on the cake. 

Pick the best color and design and match them with some great envelopes 

Choose color schemes that garner attention and drive home a point. Using different shades of red, blue, and green are likely to get your greeting cards the most attention. Work with a graphic designer that can express what you're trying to convey. Make sure that your branding comes across strong while still remaining subtle. 

Decorate the greeting cards in a way that would make someone want to hold onto it as a keepsake. Consider adding some ribbon and other little touches to your greeting cards to make them stand out more.

Set up a routine and send your handcrafted greeting cards out regularly

Invest the time into sending out greeting cards on a regular basis. Order an entire stack and send them out to people you want to reach so you can justify the time and effort. Get your hands on some calendar apps and tools that will keep you on schedule for the cards that you're sending out. Sending out greeting cards only takes you a few minutes but will work wonders for your networking. 

Consider these tips and start ordering some handcrafted greeting cards.