Getting The Best Use From Your Water Pipes

A water pipe can be one of the more popular and enjoyable smoking accessories that you can use. While water pipes can be extremely common, many people will be unfamiliar with how they should be using these devices or how they can avoid problems with their water pipes.

How Do You Keep The Water Pipe Clean?

Keeping the water pipe clean is one of the most important things for keeping the pipe enjoyable to use. While it is important to keep the water pipe clean, individuals will often fail to do this because they think it will be harder than it is. There may be many small spaces in the pipe that will need to be cleaned. Mixing rubbing alcohol with salt is an extremely abrasive solution that will be able to scrub the interior and to dissolve any residue that may be collecting. For the best results, the pipe should be cleaned every few days so that the amount of residue that is collecting will be kept to a minimum.

Is It Safe To Use A Water Pipe That Has Suffered Cracks?

If you drop the water pipe, it could suffer cracks in it. If these cracks are along the reservoir, it may make the water pipe leak. This is not the only area where cracks could form as it is also possible for it to occur near the mouthpiece of the pipe. Sadly, these cracks can rapidly worsen when heat is applied to the water pipe. While cracks near the mouthpiece may not seem like it would render the water pipe unusable, it can leave the pipe unsafe to use due to the risk of suffering a cut or accidentally inhaling a piece of broken glass. The safest option will be to replace any water pipe that has suffered cracks in it.  

Are There Options For Cooling The Air From The Water Pipe?

The air that you inhale from a water pipe can be at an extremely high temperature. As a result, you may find that it causes your throat to become sore. Cooling the air from the water pipe can avoid this problem, and it will be easy to due. Placing a few small pieces of ice near the mouthpiece of the water pipe will rapidly cool the air that is coming from it. In fact, some water pipes are designed with a small chamber that holds the ice so it can more effectively cool the smoke.

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