3 Steps To Take If Your Company’s Computer Servers Are Hacked

In this day and age, most companies use computers for day to day business and have a large group of computer servers that store sensitive data. Since being connected to the internet is the norm now, many computer servers can be accessed online. The majority of companies take multiple steps to protect their computer servers, but unfortunately savvy cybercriminals are still finding ways to breach security measures. Learning that your company's computers servers have been hacked and sensitive information is in the hands of cyber criminals is a nightmare situation. But it is important to act quickly to get the issue under control. If your company's computer servers are hacked, take the following steps:

Hire a Computer Forensics Service

As soon as your company learns of a server breach, it is essential to find out what happened as soon as possible. Even if your company has an in-house IT department, your best bet is to hire outside computer forensics services. A computer forensics service will have the expertise and ability to analyze the data on your computers quickly to discover how your security measures were breached. A good computer forensics service will save you a lot of time and provide a lot of information that is needed to get the situation under control. The information provided by a computer forensics service can help you develop a plan to prevent future security breaches and show where your computer servers may have weak points.

Consult an Attorney

One of the reasons that having your computer servers hacked is such a huge issue is because cyber criminals often find private information about customers of company employees, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. An attorney will understand the laws and will be able to tell you what you are legally responsible to notify. Data breaches that involve sensitive personal information about customers and employees can also lead to lawsuits, so it is best to be prepared by talking to an attorney about the details of what is going on.

Be Honest

Communicating with those who may have been impacted by your company's computer server hacking is more than just a possible legal obligation — it is also an important step in managing the situation and saving your company's reputation. It is always in your company's best interest to let those who may have been affected know what is going on and what they can do to protect themselves and prevent the cyber criminals from using their personal information. For example, when your company is honest about what is going on, affected customers will have the opportunity to cancel their credit card before fraudulent charges can be made.