Forklift Rental Questions

If you don't use forklifts often in your business but need to secure one in order to move inventory or perform another function, renting one is wise. Renting one only when you need one allows you to hang on to money you would have spent on a purchase and relieves you of the responsibility that such equipment requires. However, for the renting process to be satisfactory, you'll need to ask these rental questions.

Will a Forklift Operator Be Included?

Of course, if you're renting a forklift, someone will need to operate it. Rather than pull one of your own employees off the line, you may inquire about whether the forklift rental company can recommend or provide an operator to you. This is critical information to have, especially if you can't rely on existing employees because none of them have the appropriate licensing. Confirm the price of a forklift and operator before moving forward, and compare that to the price of a forklift and a freelancer or outsider that you'd have to hire for the duration of the project. 

What Kind of Forklift is Needed?

Not working with a forklift regularly, it's possible that you could misunderstand the size of the forklift you need. You may need to have a rep from the forklift rental company come out to your facility and do an assessment of the loads you'll be handling. The right forklift will handle the job best and you won't have to worry that you're overloading it or otherwise misusing the machine.

What Additional Fees May Be Charged?

It's possible that extra charges could be added to your rental fees. Knowing about those fees now may encourage you to work with another forklift rental business if they're too high. The fees should be explained and enumerated before the rental is over.

What's the Plan?

Every moment the forklift is on your site, you must make the best use of the time. Therefore, before equipment is delivered, take steps to map out what everyone will be doing and what needs to be set in place so that down time is minimized and the forklift won't be sitting there waiting as others get their work done first.

Rentals of these machines are great for your business. Talking with forklift rental companies may provide more ideas about how best to go through with a rental and how to use the equipment most wisely on your site. Visit a site like for more help.