Renting An Outdoor Self Storage Unit In The Snow: 3 Tips To Make Moving Belongings Into The Unit A Much Smoother Process

Americans are consumers. As a result, they tend to purchase more and more items each year, although they might not have any space at home to store these things. To prevent your home from getting cluttered, follow the advice of the 9.5% of American households that rent a self storage unit, and rent one yourself. If you're looking to rent an outdoor self-storage unit during winter months, you need to be careful of the snow. Here are 3 tips that can help if you have no choice but to move your belongings into the unit on a snowy day.

Clear the Area In Front of the Unit of Snow

When moving your belongings into an outdoor self-storage unit in the winter, you need to be careful of any snow that has accumulated outside of the unit. Before you move anything, take some time to shovel away any snow that is in the area in front of the unit, and deice it with some salt. You want to clear a reasonably large pathway so that moving large items like furniture into the unit will be less of a hassle. Accumulated snow can take up room needed to fit larger items. In addition, trekking through the snow can be backbreaking and can also increase the chances of an accident happening.

Delegate the Work into Two Separate Groups

You definitely want to avoid trekking any of the snow into the unit. Any water that has been trekked into the self storage unit can cause significant damage over time to the items that are stored within. In addition, as the water evaporates, it raises the humidity levels within the unit. Even if you get the movers to wipe their shoes at the entrance, it's difficult to avoid getting some snow and water into the unit. The best way to avoid these issues in the future is to simply separate the work into two groups. Have one group of movers move items from the moving truck to the entrance of the unit, and another group of movers that only moves items from the entrance to their rightful place within the unit.

Map Out What Goes Where Ahead of Time

The cold makes the entire moving process much more problematic and difficult, especially for outdoor self-storage units because they're exposed to the elements. Everyone wants to get the job done as quickly as possible, and no one wants to sit around and wait while you figure out where everything goes. If you map out where each cardboard box and large furniture item will go in the unit ahead of time, you'll be able to sort through the move a lot quicker. Give each mover directions or a copy of the map you've made to avoid any confusion.


Moving your belongings into an outdoor self-storage unit in the snow can be a lot of work. It's best to be prepared. If possible, check the weather forecast ahead of time to avoid the hassle. Hop over to this site for more information on self-storage units.