How You Can Repair Your Total Gym Equipment Yourself

When using your Total Gym, you might notice that it is starting to not slide as smoothly as it did in the past. Not only might this make the Total Gym more difficult to use, but you may notice plastic flakes appearing on the ground nearby. You may consider replacing the Total Gym, but this isn't necessary. You can buy replacement wheels and save money by fixing it yourself and fix several other common problems.

Common Total Gym Problems

The glide board that moves on an incline rail can break after being used for a few months. It is also easy for the glide board to derail when getting on or off of it. The glide board should not have a limited range of operation and should also not vibrate when using it. If you notice these problems, you may need to order Total Gym replacement parts. The total gym wheels may also need to be replaced since they can wear out over time.

Replacing Total Gym Wheels

When ordering replacement parts, make sure to also order two wrenches if you do not have two already. One will hold the exposed part of the bolt. The other wrench will turn the inside nut. A multiheaded wrench can be a very useful tool for these types of projects. Inspect the old wheel to see how it was installed before installing the new wheel in order to make the process more intuitive. Remove the old wheel and then place the new wheel in the same position. Insert the bolt in order for the inside bolt to pass through the new wheel. Put one of the washers in place. Then, use the wrenches to screw the nut to the bolt. 

When purchasing replacement parts, one option is to purchase them from a dealer that provides parts designed specifically for Total Gym. However, there are some vendors who sell improved versions of the standard parts that come with Total Gym. These parts are less likely to break and will fit your equipment in the same way that the original parts fit. However, when purchasing parts from a third-party supplier, make sure that the supplier offers a warranty to protect yourself in the event that the part does not fit or is defective. Clarify whether the replacement part is meant to work with the specific Total Gym model that you own. But if you are able to find the right parts, your Total Gym will be usable for years to come.