4 Tips For Maximizing Space And Getting The Most Use Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

People will often rent a self storage unit that's either too large, or too small for their needs. If it's too large, you're paying more money than you should. If it's too small, you can't all of your stuff, or you can damage things as you stuff them into the unit. Here's how you can get the most out of your storage unit.

1. Plan Out How You Will Store Your Items

You don't have to create a detailed itinerary for storing your items, but you should certainly have a plan of some kind. Know what you want to store. If possible, separate all the items you plan to bring to storage beforehand. This way, you will have a better understanding of just how much space you will need. In addition, this will prevent you from accidentally forgetting something, then figuring out how to add it to the unit later.

2. Break Your Items Down

If you want to make the most of your space, you should disassemble any items you have that allow it. If you can remove the legs from the table, or take apart the chairs, then you should do so. Even if you can only remove one small part of something, then remove it. This will maximize your space while making your items easier to carry and move around.

3. Leave Space and Plan for Easy Access

If you plan to actually use things in your storage unit from time to time, then you need to give yourself some space in the unit. If you have to pull everything out to get to a single item, then you're wasting time and effort. A good idea is to create a center aisle in the unit. Otherwise, you can store all your items while leaving a line and a circle of space.

Consider where you put your items. Things that will not see the light of day for a while should go towards the back. Items you plan to use most often should go towards the front. Infrequently used items should stay somewhere between.

4. Speak to the Self-Storage Facility about Best Practices

The facility itself will have tips for how you should pack your unit. They can also help you figure out which unit will work best for your items. They know the conditions of their units, and how most people utilize them. If in doubt, just ask them for assistance.