Host A Community Celebration In Honor Of Supporters Of Your Animal Rescue Shelter

If you own and operate an animal rescue shelter that assists animals who have been abused or neglected and would like to host a community celebration in honor of the people who have donated their time and money to help animals in need, the following tips can help make the event one that is rewarding and enjoyable for all who attend. 

Guest Speaker And Custom Trophies

Contact an animal control officer or animal rights activist and ask them if they would be willing to speak at the gathering. The individual can inform guests about the ongoing need that animals in the community have and ways that people can step up to help. After the presentation is made, speak to the audience about ways that you have utilized assistance and funding that has been provided by citizens in the area to help local animals at the shelter.

Purchase custom trophies, awards, or plaques that have supporters names engraved on them. Announce the name of each supporter before giving them their personalized award. People who have helped will feel honored to receive a unique token of your appreciation and community members will be made aware of the special efforts that each person has made to help animals. For more information, contact companies like Abilene Awards & Logos.

Catered Meal 

Hire a catering crew to prepare and serve a meal to your guests. Set up a canopy if the event will be held outdoors and place rented tables and chairs underneath it. Otherwise, prepare a dining area inside of a public venue or the establishment that you own and operate. During the meal, guests will be able to relax and unwind while they get to know other animal supporters in the area. During this time, mingle with guests and encourage them to stop by your shelter to remain updated on animals who have been placed in your care.


Purchase some shirts that have your business name and a picture of a few of the animals who you have assisted on them. Set up a small dance floor and install a portable stereo next to it so that guests can let off some steam after they have finished their meals. Place a couple tables in another area for individuals to play board games.

Hold dance competitions and contests between two or more game players. Winners for the dancing and game sessions can be awarded with one of the custom shirts. The shirts will provide recipients with a constant reminder of your organization and the animals who are benefiting from their supporters.