Make These Things a Priority During a One-Time Deep Cleaning From a Professional

When many people think about hiring a housekeeping service, they think about having a cleaner visit their home on a regular schedule — for example, one visit per week. This, however, isn't the only way that a cleaning service can help you. Another option is to have one or more cleaners visit your home for a one-time deep cleaning. You may arrange this visit as part of your spring cleaning, in advance of the holidays, or before you list your home for sale, for example. During this visit, the housekeeper will take care of any cleaning needs you have, so make sure to include these tasks on the to-do list.

Window Cleaning

Few homeowners enjoy cleaning their windows. The task tends to be a challenge — while cleaning the interior side of the windows isn't typically difficult, the project becomes much more of a hassle when it's time to tend to the exterior side. Instead of fussing with a ladder and a telescoping window cleaner, have your professional cleaner handle this job. Housekeepers are equipped with a wide range of products that allow them to excel in jobs that you find difficult, and your housekeeper will have your windows spotless quickly.

Floor Scrubbing

Even if you don't mind passing the vacuum around your home once a week, you might not be keen on the idea of scrubbing the floors. Getting on your hands and knees and going over every inch of the floor in a given room is physically demanding, difficult, and slow — but this job is necessary if you truly want the floor to sparkle. Make sure that this job is a priority when you book a housekeeper for a one-time deep cleaning; you'll be able to easily see a difference in the look of your floors by the end of the job.

High Ceilings Dusting

If you have a great room in your home or another type of room with high ceilings, you may shy away from cleaning them. However, cobwebs, dust, and other particles get coat the ceiling and make it something of an eyesore. Armed with a ladder and a duster on a telescoping arm, your professional cleaner will go over the entire ceiling and transform its appearance, giving it a new look that suits your newly cleaned home. When you book the cleaning, make sure that you specify the above three tasks so that your cleaner will have the right equipment.

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