4 Features Your New Pond Liner Should Offer

Getting ready to buy a new liner for your pond? Here are a few crucial features to look for during your search that should make it easy to choose a reliable option:

UV Stability

It's important to make sure that the pond liner you purchase is made with a material that won't succumb to sun and UV damage over time, such as polyethylene. If your pond liner breaks down under ultraviolet rays, it may start to leak prematurely and require either costly repairs or a replacement altogether. Look for a pond liner that is rated to resist sun damage and maintain its color so your pond looks and performs like new as time goes on.

Tear Resistant

Your new pond liner should also be tear resistant so you can place small rocks or sand on it without having to worry about leakage due to wear and tear. The liner should be designed with a mesh interior or reinforced on the backside so it can't be punctured when gravel or other sharp objects penetrate its surface.

Customized Seams

Another feature your pond liner should come with is customized seams if they're needed. After ordering your pond liner, it should be easy to provide the company you purchased it from with your exact pond dimensions so they can seam the liner and ensure a proper fit before it's ready for pickup or shipped to you. The seams should come with some sort of guarantee that will help ensure a quick fix if they start to unravel or come apart for some reason.  

Easy Installation

You should also look for a pond liner to invest in that is easy to install and doesn't require any special tools or experience to do so. You shouldn't need anything more than the accommodating instructions in order to figure out how to install the liner safely by yourself. If the installation process seems complicated to you even if you plan to hire a professional to do the installing, it can cost you more time, money, and stress than you'd like just to get the liner in place.

These are just a few of the features to look for when shopping for a pond liner that will help ensure that you make a choice that meets your needs and expectations as time goes on. Make a list of your own preferred features and add them to this one, then use the list as an outline when comparing your options to one another.