Don’t Shy Away From Negotiating These Aspects With Your Staffing Agency

Obtaining representation from an IT staffing agency puts you one step closer to employment and takes much of the stress out of job hunting. Your chief priority is to draft up a top-notch resume and cover letter and then wait for your agency representative to forward some job postings to you. When you find one that you like, you can give the agency consent to submit your name as a candidate — but you shouldn't hesitate to first negotiate elements related to the job that you wish to fine tune. Read More 

Make These Things a Priority During a One-Time Deep Cleaning From a Professional

When many people think about hiring a housekeeping service, they think about having a cleaner visit their home on a regular schedule — for example, one visit per week. This, however, isn't the only way that a cleaning service can help you. Another option is to have one or more cleaners visit your home for a one-time deep cleaning. You may arrange this visit as part of your spring cleaning, in advance of the holidays, or before you list your home for sale, for example. Read More 

4 Features Your New Pond Liner Should Offer

Getting ready to buy a new liner for your pond? Here are a few crucial features to look for during your search that should make it easy to choose a reliable option: UV Stability It's important to make sure that the pond liner you purchase is made with a material that won't succumb to sun and UV damage over time, such as polyethylene. If your pond liner breaks down under ultraviolet rays, it may start to leak prematurely and require either costly repairs or a replacement altogether. Read More 

What to Include in a Winning REO Property-Preservation Vendor Bid

For people who dream of being their own boss, running a successful REO property preservation can be a potentially life-changing prospect. In addition to acquiring all of the maintenance and cleaning equipment you will need to perform property clean-outs, you will need to submit detailed winning bids in order to start working. Here are the critical details you need to have included in every REO property-preservation vendor bid that you submit to lenders. Read More 

Looking for a New Start? Look for Tech Growth

There's no shortage of debates about the health of the US job market, but there are many entry-level job opportunities for people looking for a change. The service-based economy is based on performing services such as repairs or cleaning rather than manufacturing, product creation, or the focused goals of large corporations, and the tech industry is a growing part of the service industry. If you're both in search of a new career and wanting to get into tech but lack the confidence to give computers and apps a try as a career, here are a few things that could bring you to the tech side. Read More